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Friday 15 November 2019
Mesake Nawari, Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat - Knowing who you are?
Samuel Simpson, Land Transport Authority - Steering Fiji Safely
Peter Mazey, Fiji National Sports Commission - Sports & the Economy
Jonetani Vuto, Fiji Revenue & Customs Service - Customs
Glenis Yee & Janice Fong, Munro Leys - Corporate Law Developments and Capital Markets Update

Friday 26 October 2018
John Shackleton, John Shack Limited - Mindfulness & Resilience
John Magnifico, Solved (Fiji) Pte Limited - Cyber Security, Privacy & Data Protection - a real threat for businesses of all sizes
Ruvendra Nandan, The University of Fiji - The Changing Nature of Business Environment: implications for management accountants